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Daddy Long Legs, The Dio Theatre
  • "...Hadick knocks it out of the park. [They have] the heartwarming personality, the stage presence, and the crisp, clear vocals that should you ever cross paths with this play again, [they] will have established [themself] in your mind as the standard against which all other Jerushas will be judged." (Daniel Skora, It's All Theatre)

  • "...Em Hadick was wonderful.  [their] voice, movement, and facial expressions were all perfectly couldn't help but fall in love with [their] performance.  We get to see Jerusha's growth from an insecure young girl raised in a stifling orphanage to a grown, confident, educated woman - and Hadick nails the entire span." (Don Calamia, A2 Arts Addict)

  • "Em Hadick brings a delightful charm and energy to Jerusha. Hadick is absolutely lovable and does an incredible job in this two-person musical where [they] rarely gets to directly interact with another human being. [They are] charming, spunky, witty and constantly in the moment.  [They} also bring a strong voice to each of [their] numbers. The lyrics are always clear and [their] singing moves the story forward while amplifying the emotional moment of the story. It is a sheer joy to listen to [them] sing." (Bridgette Redman, Encore Michigan)

  • "Emily Hadick is exquisite in every scene and every song...she invests heart and soul in her role as Jerusha, the orphan student. She can play innocent, and she can play coy, sometimes at the same time, but its all underscored by an intelligence that the audience quickly falls for, and later roots for when things take a turn." (Ron Baumanis, A2 View)

  • "She has an interesting line to toe: be young and spunky, but not too bubbly, lest she annoy or work against the smart, 'talented writer' part of her character.  And I think Hadick just killed it.  Jerusha's on the cusp of adulthood, and whip-smart and charming and funny, and Hadick not only nails these character elements, but her vocals perfectly express the feelings behind each of Jerusha's letters.  A really great performance." (Jenn McKee, A2 Arts Addict)

The Spitfire Grill, Meadow Brook Theatre
  • "Emily Hadick's portrayal of the main character, Percy, was magnificent.  Above all else, her voice is strong and is more than up to the task of tackling this demanding role." (Stefani Chudnow, Broadway World)

  • "Hadick inhabits Percy completely, and each song she belts out - whether it's a ballad, country or folk-style tune - is heartfelt and powerful." (Carol Azizian, Oakland Press)

Schoolhouse Rock, Live!, Hope Summer Repertory Theatre
  • "Dina, the mature side, is played soulfully by Emily Hadick. She’s remarkably bluesy, especially in “Sufferin’ Till Sufferage,” and “Conjunction Junction,” and puts her obvious classical ballet training to excellent use." (Marin Heinritz, Revue West Michigan)

  • "Injecting a little sassiness as the feisty Dina was Emily Hadick...Her strong voice projected nicely while singin 'Sufferin' Til Suffrage', and her dazzling contribution to 'A Victim of Gravity' caused the audience to sit back and take note of her great vocal training." (Kurt Van Koevering, Zeeland Record)

  • "With a sharper edge, but still a winning personality, Hadick's Dina had her special charm...Hadick had a strong voice that sparkled with energy." (Bridgette Redman, Encore Michigan)

A Little Night Music, The Encore Musical Theatre Co.
  • "Emily Hadick is sweetly self-absorbed as Anne, alternately bursting with enthusiasm or growing desperate about a flaw in her complexion...Hadick does a good job of making those sudden shifts between concern and ridicule." (Hugh Gallagher, Pulp)

Sweeney Todd, The Encore Musical Theatre Co.
  • "...Emily Hadick is lovely as Johanna.  The couple have the musical's prettiest songs and they are very up to the task." (Ron Baumanis, A2 View)

  • "Hadick as Johanna brings it." (David Kiley, Encore Michigan)

West Side Story, The Encore Musical Theatre Co.
  • "...plenty of goosebump moments to be had...'Somewhere,' beautifully sung by Emily Hadick."  (Jenn McKee, Pulp)

A Chorus Line, Oakland University
  • "The passion Hadick brings to this role, along with the superbly danced solo during 'The Music and The Mirror' has you rooting that she gets the second chance she so desperately needs." (Sarah Hovis, Rochester Media)

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